Search Engines

So let’s face it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is seen as a black art and complicated subject.

Everyone needs to know you can’t just ignore the SEO, especially small businesses.

We want to be number one in Google?
Where does SEO fit in with small businesses?
Is SEO sensible for small business?

These are all questions we have been asked regularly by our customers.

What is SEO
Search Engine Optimization is about getting more traffic by improving your ranking in search (free searching). SEO has to be the long term goal for your business.

Start slowly and build on.

We can get you to number 1 in Google
Oh we are just amazed by the amount of emails and companies offering this.

Look the facts!
if they could guarantee you to number 1, we only need to work 1 or 2 days a year to live the highlife. Anyone can get a site to number 1 but it won’t be there for long and probably completly the wrong search terms. So the reason they promise it is to make money.

We relish trying to improve your position in fact it is a challenge and we like a challenge.

More tips will be coming soon.

One thing we guarantee is we do our best.